Who is Hawg Nutz?  In a sense we all are in some way shape or form.  Hawg Nutz was the result of a backyard cooker that enjoyed putting on the apron, lighting the fire and cooking for family and friends.  He later found that many of his close friends also shared the same passion in cooking and later formed a cooking team with the goal of having fun together, drinking beer and cooking great food.

As we cooked we realized the store bought spices always fell a little short of our expectations and required some modifications to make them great.  Hawg Nutz spice/rub emerged from this experience realizing they needed that extra little something to make them special – to be the best rub and spice for the neighborhood cooker.  Hawg Nutz BBQ dry rubs and spices are exactly that – special in taste and flavor providing a very unique marinade to deliver the great food your time and efforts on the grill or smoker deserve.  They became the neighborhood favorites and are now available to you so you can also have that same great flavor and become the champion in your area.

Hawg Nutz wins 2nd place and The Great Americana BBQ Festival

If you’ve ever participated in a professional BBQ competition, you understand the food you cook at competitions are definitely not the same as what you cook for your personal tastes.  These rubs and spices are the winners of the true BBQ connoisseurs – your neighbors, your friends and your family – the true People’s Choice.  Whether you are cooking ribs, brisket, pulled pork, wings, chicken breast, steaks, pork tenderloin or hamburgers, you will be the blue ribbon winner.  Treat yourself and your dinner / lunch guests to Hawg Nutz rub / spice.  Give yourself that little edge to be the best cooker in the neighborhood.